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"I highly recommend Sabine to anyone seeking to add joy and balance to their life. She is dedicated and passionate about supporting you in removing your self imposed blocks to success created by habits and old beliefs that no longer serve. Ready to change and live the life you were born to live? Call Sabine!"  Kathy Holdaway

Decisions for a Strong Life

​Helping people use their powerful minds

Coaching with Sabine:

Office. 4125 Ibis Street

               San Diego, CA 92103

Via Phone. 619 987 7197

Via Skype. sabine.starr

Contact Sabine for details and rates:

619 987 7197

"When we spend just 30 minutes a week on our life and goals, our actions will automatically line up and results show with ease." Sabine Starr

Sabine Starr, Mag., ACC

Licensed Professional Life Coach

Licensed Clinical and Health Psychology

(licensed in Vienna/Austria)