Hypnosis is a good edition to the coaching, which is aimed at the conscious mind. Hypnosis addresses the subconscious mind and is experienced as very relaxing and restful. 

Style. Sabine´s focus is to match your needs and pace. Her warm and compassionate style, as well as her creative thinking create a pleasant experience and powerful outcome in connection with her substantial education, training and experience.

Sessions can be adapted to fit your schedule. A possible model other than the the traditional weekly sessions could be four weekly sessions, then every other week, and phase out with one session a month to support and anchor the new habits and goals. Single sessions are possible for life, which gives you a true on demand support for times to come.

You might also find that after the initial groundwork sessions, you prefer 30 minute tune-up sessions once you know where you are going and are working on the action steps. Or, switch from in person to phone of Skype coaching, whenever you need to.

Sabine starr coaching

Create the Life you want to Live

When I started to work with Sabine I thought my main goal was earning more money to contribute to the family budget. Throughout the coaching process it became very clear to me that my true need was not some amount of money but honoring what I was contributing in my role as a homemaker and an active assistant in my husband’s business. This realization immediately gave me a huge amount of relief and of peace of mind. Sabine and I worked together on better time management which has improved the quality of life for our family of my three children and my self-employed husband. Sabine taught me a tool that helps me to divide all my daily tasks in one of four categories and I realized that only very few things are truly urgent and important This got rid of many pressures. Sabine was there for me to remind me of my own goals and helped me with being responsible for my own life. Over the three months that I worked with her I also got in touch with my funny side and deeply enjoyed the process. I continue to use many of the tools and insights that I learned throughout the Coaching. It has brought much peace into my life, and that is what I had wanted the most. 

Roxanne Oliver, San Diego, California


A judgements-free environment, with 100 % support for you and your life. Having a professional at your side, utilizing research and proven methods, tailored specifically to you, saves time and energy. the combination of the various factors of the coaching process results in powerful outcomes for the client.


"I started to work with a life coach because I was tired of my low self confidence and that I constantly let people overstep my boundaries without me doing anything about it. After only 7 coaching sessions with Sabine I feel 100 % better about myself!  Sabine helped me to realize how the things I used to say to myself were really holding me back and keeping me down. Now, if I catch myself with one of these old thoughts or behaviors, I stop, get calm and know how to put myself on the right path. It has improved especially the interaction with my children so much! Already during the intensive session in the beginning of the coaching process I have visualized how I want my future to look like. Sabine created for me a technique that fit me perfectly which is a certificate about being the keeper of my own boundaries I still have it put up on my closet door, and I look at it often. I really enjoyed working with Sabine and I am so grateful that I gave myself the gift of Life Coaching and took the step to be responsible for my life. The rest was – and still is - FUN!”

Christine, mother of two children


Sabine uses the Life Fulfillment Model (Coach for Life) which holds the client in high regard and invites his inner wisdom to come forth to find the individually right answers, talents, goals and passions, starting with the most meaningful next steps.